Getting Started with Latte

Templates improve code organization, separate application logic from presentation, and enhance security. They offer far better features and expressive capabilities for generating HTML than PHP itself.

Latte is the safest templating system for PHP. You'll love its intuitive syntax. A wide range of useful features will significantly simplify your work. It provides top-notch protection against critical vulnerabilities and allows you to focus on creating high-quality applications without worrying about their security.

How to write templates using Latte?

Latte is cleverly designed and easy to learn for those familiar with PHP, as they can quickly adopt its basic tags.

How to Use Latte in PHP?

Implementing Latte in your new application is a matter of minutes:

If you are converting an old project written in plain PHP to Latte, the tool for converting PHP code to Latte will make the migration easier for you. Or are you planning to switch to Latte from Twig? We have a Twig template converter to Latte for you.

What Else Can Latte Do?

The latte comes fully equipped, with all the essentials included.

  • Your productivity will be boosted by the mechanisms of inheritance that reuse repeated elements and structures
  • The Sandbox armour bunker isolates templates from untrusted sources, such as those edited by users themselves
  • For further inspiration, here are tips and tricks
version: 3.0